Author: Kate Clanchy

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Book:Meeting the English

Meeting the English

Kate Clanchy

It’s the searing hot summer of 1989 and revolution is in the air—though not just for the Prys family…

Literary Giant seeks young man to push bathchair. Own room in Hampstead, all found, exciting cultural milieu. Modest wage. Ideal ‘gap year’ opportunity. Apply Prys Box 4224XXC.
‘It’s only England,’ said Mr Fox, ‘just a few hours on the train. You can always come home.’
‘Ah’ve never been though,’ said Struan, ‘never been South.’
‘Then you should,’ said Mr Fox, ‘you really should.’

So it is that Struan Robertson, orphan, genius, and just seventeen, leaves his dour native town of Cuik, and arrives in London in the freakish fine summer of 1989. His job, he finds, is to care for Phillip, dumbfounded and paralysed by a massive stroke,…[more]

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