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Book:In War Times

In War Times

Kathleen Ann Goonan

Sam Dance is a young enlisted soldier in 1941 when his older brother Keenan is killed at Pearl Harbor. Afterwards, Sam promises that he will do anything he can to stop the war.

During his training, Sam begins to show that he has a knack for science and engineering, and he is plucked from the daily grunt work of twenty-mile marches by his superiors to study subjects like code breaking, electronics, and physics in particular, a science that is growing more important to the war effort. While studying, Sam is seduced by a mysterious female physicist that is teaching one of his courses, and given her plans for a device that will end the war, perhaps even end the human predilection for war forever. But the device does something less, and more, than that.

After his training, Sam is sent throughout Europe to solve both theoretical and practical problems for the Allies. He spends his free time playing jazz, and trying to construct the strange device. It’s only much later that he discovers that it worked, but in a way that he could have never imagined.

Book:Light Music

Light Music

Kathleen Ann Goonan

Once the world worked differently—before the Silence from space quieted the airwaves and rendered electronics useless.

Once there was a haven called Crescent City, built through the wonders of nanotechnology to transport its enlightened inhabitants into the cosmos, far away from the chaos and terrors of a world gone mad. But humanity has failed the city. And carelessness has left it vulnerable to attack from those who covet the health and prosperity it offers.

One of the original pioneers—a recipient of the DNA-altering virus affecting a remarkable few who were born at the Silence’s onset—Jason Peabody must now flee in the wake of an unanticipated assault on Crescent City by pirates. In the city-imposed persona of musical six-gun-toting Radio Cowboy, entrusted with the recovery of lost technology needed to heal the sentient…[more]

Book:The Bones of Time

The Bones of Time

Kathleen Ann Goonan

Set in Hawaii and the Far East, The Bones of Time revolves around the secret of the preserved bones of the greatest of the old Hawaiian kings, Kamehameha. Goonan interweaves two story lines, each with its own central character: Cen, a mathematician who falls in love with a girl from the past and works desperately to join her by solving the riddle of time travel; and Linda, a young woman who rescues the only surviving clone of Kamehameha. The key to the solution of both stories is the bones. But each of the stories opens vistas of future history, and of the past, that are dense with meaning and rich with promise.

Book:Crescent City Rhapsody

Crescent City Rhapsody

Kathleen Ann Goonan

It begins with silence. A powerful electromagnetic pulse high in the atmosphere triggers a communications blackout, causing electronics and computers to fail the world over. In that moment of anachronistic quiet, a brilliant astronomer named Zeb Aberly, scouring the heavens with equipment of his own design, makes the discovery of a lifetime: the pulse originated in space—and it carried a message from an intelligent source. But Zeb is not alone. Shadowy forces within the government seek to decipher the message and to keep its existence secret at all costs. Fleeing for his life into the back streets and alleys of Washington, D.C., Zeb embarks on an odyssey that could cost him his family, his sanity, and everything he loves.

And it begins with murder. In New Orleans, mob boss Marie Laveau—a descendant of the famous voodoo priestess—is brutally gunned down by nameless, faceless enemies. But Marie’s vast wealth has purchased the best life insurance of all: resurrection.…[more]

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