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PaperQuake: A Puzzle

Kathryn Reiss

While helping her sisters clean up a building that their parents are renovating, an aftershock of a recent earthquake dislodges a decades-old letter written to Baby V—and Violet is certain that somehow it has been written to her. As more and more mysterious writings from the past tumble into Violet’s hands, she and her sisters begin to delve into historical documents and newspaper articles from the 1900s—including the accounts of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake—in an attempt to unravel the mystery. But as the present earthquakes increase in frequency, the girls realize that their time is running out….

Book:Pale Phoenix

Pale Phoenix

Kathryn Reiss

Miranda isn’t happy when sullen orphan Abby Chandler comes to live with her family. But Miranda’s anger turns to shock when she learns the girl’s horrible secret: Abby’s parents and sisters were killed in a house fire in this very town—more than three hundred years ago. Somehow Abby survived the fire and has been living in a virtual limbo ever since.

Fifteen-year-old Miranda Browne, the extraordinary protagonist from Kathryn Reiss’s first novel, Time Windows, returns for a new time-travel adventure.

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