Author: Kazumi Yumoto

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Book:The Friends

The Friends

Kazumi Yumoto

Curious about death, three sixth-grade boys decide to spy on an old man waiting for him to die, but they end up becoming his friends.

Book:Spring Tone

Spring Tone

Kazumi Yumoto

In response to her little brother Tetsu’s question, “What’s the scariest thing in the world?” Tomomi replies, “Monsters.”

Tomomi is afraid she is becoming a monster; she dreams it every night. It started after Tomomi, seeing how much her grandma was suffering, thought to herself that Grandma would be better off dead. Now Tomomi’s body is changing before her eyes—into a woman, or into a monster? Tomomi would prefer to stop growing and turn away from unpleasant things, but her parents are engaged in a battle with their next-door neighbor and the dispute has overflowed into Tomomi’s home, driving a wedge between her parents. Sustained by Tetsu’s determination, Grandpa’s wisdom, memories of Grandma’s love, and her own philosophical leanings, Tomomi finally understands that the scariest thing in the world is hate, and faces the fact that, like it or not, she is becoming…[more]

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