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Book:Relentless Pursuit

Relentless Pursuit: A True Story of Family, Murder, and the Prosecutor Who Wouldn't Quit

Kevin Flynn

If One L is the book to read before law school, Relentless Pursuit is the book to read after—a real-life legal thriller that shows, from the inside, a prosecutor’s quest to deliver justice to a family devastated by murder.

What happened to Diane Hawkins and her daughter Katrina—a brutal double murder in which the girl’s heart was cut from her body—devastated a Washington, D.C., community and left its mark on everyone involved in the subsequent investigation. Especially moved was federal homicide prosecutor Kevin Flynn. He had handled any number of grisly murders, and was no stranger to the depravity of the human soul. Yet the way Hawkins’s family and friends rallied together to help each other through the tragedy—and the generosity they extended to Flynn, whose own father was dying of cancer at the time—turned this case into a personal mission. He was determined to use his position to effect real closure, to right a wrong—to bring justice on behalf of the…[more]

Book:102 Minutes

102 Minutes: The Untold Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers

Jim Dwyer, Kevin Flynn

At 8:46 am on September 11, 2001, 14,000 people were inside the twin towers-reading e-mails, making trades, eating croissants at Windows on the World. Over the next 102 minutes, each would become part of a drama for the ages, one witnessed only by the people who lived it-until now.

Of the millions of words written about this wrenching day, most were told from the outside looking in. New York Times reporters Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn have taken the opposite-and far more revealing-approach. Reported from the perspectives of those inside the towers, 102 Minutes captures the little-known stories of ordinary people who took extraordinary steps to save themselves and others. Beyond this stirring panorama stands investigative reporting of the first rank. An astounding number of people actually survived the plane impacts but were unable to escape, and the authors raise hard questions about building safety…[more]

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