Author: Kris Nelscott

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Book:Days of Rage

Days of Rage: A Smokey Dalton Novel

Kris Nelscott

As racial tensions mount during the 1969 celebrity trial of the Chicago Eight, African American PI Smokey Dalton is keeping a low profile with his son, Jimmy, who knows a dark secret about the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. When Smokey finds a group of skeletons hidden in the wall of a building hes inspecting for investor Lara Hathaway, his investigation leads him into Chicagos racist past and implicates some of the nations most powerful people in a deadly 1919 riot.

Book:Dangerous Road

Dangerous Road

Kris Nelscott

It’s February 1968, and tense race relations in Memphis are beginning to build into real conflict. The sanitation workers’ strike has been going on for almost three weeks, and marches are beginning to turn into riots.

African-American P.I. Smokey Dalton is hired by Laura Hathaway, a young white woman from up north, to look into her mother’s reasons for remembering Smokey generously in her will. Smokey reluctantly takes the case, as much to satisfy his own curiosity about these people he never knew as because he needs the work. What he uncovers is a thirty-year-old secret so powerful it will shatter both their lives.

Furthermore, this turning point couldn’t come at a worse time for Smokey. As February turns to March, then April, Smokey must watch his city crumble around him and deals with the approaching visit of his childhood friend, now estranged from him,…[more]

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