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Book:Forge of the Elders

Forge of the Elders

L. Neil Smith

Just when the 21st century thought it was safe to throw Marxism on the ash heap of history once and for all, a worldwide economic collapse suddenly made freedom seem less desirable than security, and the Total State turned out to be the comeback kid. In the US, where the power elite had long shown heartfelt affection for collectivism and making the trains (nationalized, of course) run on time, communism had a second coming. Which meant that Earth was now the Red Planet. The few holdouts and counterrevolutionaries would be dealt with in good time.

Of course, collectivization only made the worldwide depression worse. But then the People’s Astronomers noticed an asteroid with unusual spectrographic properties, seemingly a treasure trove of valuable minerals that might rejuvenate the Earth’s economy. So three aged NASA shuttles were pulled out of mothballs, crewed by a team of hand-picked misfits whom no one would miss,…[more]



L. Neil Smith

Barely surviving a harrowing escape from a prison colony, Emerson Ngu shoots, talks, and invents his way into becoming the hero of Curringer, a libertarian paradise on the terraformed asteroid, Pallas.

Everything that Emerson stands for—freedom, success and rugged individualism—burns in stark contrast to the oppressive doctrine upheld by former US Senator Gibson Altman and his Greeley Project, the prison colony from which Emerson escaped. According to Altman’s plan, everyone in Greeley must toil at some appointed task for the common good. But the plan isn’t working. While Atlman lives in luxury and ease, his flawed utopian breeds crime and despair.

Driven by a fierce hatred and envy of Emerson’s triumphant rise, a desperate Altman will let nothing—not even his own daughter’s happiness as Emerson’s wife—thwart his hideous revenge. Fueled by the power of true belief, Altman lashes out at all that Emerson holds dear…Will Pallas survive?

Book:The Probability Broach

The Probability Broach

L. Neil Smith

Denver detective Win Bear, on the trail of a murderer, discovers much more than a killer. He accidentally stumbles upon the probability broach, a portal to a myriad of worlds—some wildly different from, others disconcertingly similar to our own. Win finds himself transported to an alternate Earth where Congress is in Colorado, everyone carries a gun, there are gorillas in the Senate, and public services are controlled by private businesses.



L. Neil Smith

Nominee for the 2010 Prometheus Award

In the 22nd century people have spread into the Solar System. Born and raised in a twentieth of Earth’s gravity on the asteroid Pallas, young skater Llyra Ngu is grimly determined to compete and win on mankind’s homeworld—an ambition that many say will cripple or kill her.

Her older brother Wilson is equally set on quitting his job as a surveyor’s apprentice to become an asteroid hunter, a calling fraught with the promise of fabulous riches and the danger of sudden death. He will find a full share of romance and disappointment, love and loss, and pursue the asteroid hunter’s holy grail, the legendary Diamond Rogue.

Llyra’s training will require years, and a journey that will take her to Ceres, at one tenth Earth’s gravity, where…[more]

Book:The American Zone

The American Zone

L. Neil Smith

In The Probability Broach, which won the coveted Prometheus Award for Best Libertarian Fiction, L. Neil Smith created a universe parallel to ours, in which George Washington was executed, there was no Civil War, drugs are sold in vending machines, a gorilla is President of the North American Confederacy, there is no United States, and everybody—and that means everybody—carries guns.

Now, in this much anticipated sequel to The Probability Broach, we again follow Detective Win Bear as he combats terrorists who have begun a campaign of bombings and murders that rocks his world. Since crossing over to the Confederacy from the United States in 1987, Win has found his niche, as the only detective in this alternative to the exploitative taxes, laws, and hypocrisies of the United States. Happily married and working at a job he loves, Win feels his life is complete so when innocent people…[more]

Book:Bretta Martyn

Bretta Martyn

L. Neil Smith

Almost a thousand years from now, Arran Islay, son of the ruling family of a small but beautiful planet, saw his parents and siblings murdered by the vicious representative of a vast interstellar empire. He escaped and became a pirate…in the sea of space, and as the notorious “Henry Martyn” he terrorized those who made the mistake of flaunting ill-gotten booty.

Now Arran Islay and his wife have their own children—including Robretta, a young woman who knows her father’s legacy even though he’s settled down to rule the family’s holdings. When they are all summoned to another world to deal with a problem of interstellar importance, Bretta is trapped by a fiendish villain who has lain in wait to hatch a plan that would destroy not only the Islays, but their entire way of life. She is captured and cast among the refuse of the galaxy to die. But the daughter of Henry Martyn isn’t killed so easily.

Book:Henry Martyn

Henry Martyn

L. Neil Smith

Book:The Crystal Empire

The Crystal Empire

L. Neil Smith

All the world stood in awe of the might of the Sino-Aztecs’ Crystal Empire. All but Sedrich Sedrichsohn. Charged with bringing to the Emperor his future bride, the beautiful and far-seeing Ayesha, Sedrich was an outcast, his life in ruins. Now he has a last chance at happiness—and revenge. “A science fiction epic filled with verve, dash, and inventive characters”. —Chattanooga Times.

Book:The Gallatin Divergence

The Gallatin Divergence

L. Neil Smith

Book:Tom Paine Maru

Tom Paine Maru

L. Neil Smith

Book:The Nagasaki Vector

The Nagasaki Vector

L. Neil Smith

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