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Book:The Librarian

The Librarian

Larry Beinhart

How on earth did nebbish university librarian David Goldberg end up on Virginia’s Ten Most Wanted Criminals list for bestiality? And how did he get ensnared in a vast right-wing conspiracy to steal the presidency? It all begins so innocently when Goldberg starts moonlighting for eccentric, conservative billionaire Alan Carston Stowe as an archivist. But Goldberg’s appointment worries a cabal of ruthless right-wingers-ostensibly allies of Stowe, whose money lubricates their zany scary conspiracies-with very close ties to the White House. They fear that Goldberg will find something in Stowe’s records that will compromise the dirty tricks involved in re-electing Augustus Winthrop Scott, the dim scion of a powerful Republican political family, for a second term. As the presidential election heads into its final stretch, the hunt is on to remove Goldberg from his position-by any means necessary. …[more]

Book:No One Rides for Free

No One Rides for Free

Larry Beinhart

With the soul of a street kid, reluctant ties to the mob, and the mind of an ivy-league sharpie, Tony Cassella is more than a private investigator. He’s a man with a mission—to stay true to himself, the people he loves, and a personal code he can’t always live up to.

When an old-line lawyer threatens to spill his guts to the SEC about his firm’s dirty deals, Tony is hired by the top-drawer Wall Street firm to bug the secret testimony. But when the high-priced canary is found dead in a parking lot, Tony goes hunting for bigger game. But can he find the fat cat who killed the canary before he becomes the next birdie on the menu himself?

Book:Salvation Boulevard

Salvation Boulevard

Larry Beinhart

Some cases test a private investigator’s wits, others test his courage, and still others, his character. In Salvation Boulevard, P.I. Carl Van Wagener has found a case that tests them all, and then goes on to test his soul.

A professor is dead and a suspect—who has confessed—is in custody. But nothing is what it seems. After all, the dead man is an atheist professor, the accused an Islamic foreign student, the defense attorney a Jew, and the detective a Born Again Christian. As Carl gets deeper and deeper into the investigation of the death of professor Nathaniel MacLeod, his most basic beliefs and relationships are tried and his world is turned upside down. The mega-church, the pastor, and his new wife who have redeemed Carl from a life of grim debauchery insist on his dropping the case. But he can’t stop searching for the real killer and the truth—no matter what the personal cost.

Salvation Boulevard is a page-turning thriller in the tradition of John Grisham and Richard Condon that grapples with the ecstatic and entropic nature of religious faith in contemporary America.

Book:American Hero

American Hero: A Novel

Larry Beinhart

Lee Atwater is on his deathbed. He isn’t thinking death. He’s thinking king-making. And he’s thinking that it wasn’t enough to have raised up the king…now he has to protect him—even from beyond the grave. It means entrusting his last—his greatest—reelection scam to Jim Baker, and when he hands it over, he wraps it in a warning: “Don’t show it to Georgie, now. Don’t even look, now. Wait until you’re in trouble.” Think of Lot’s wife. Think of Orpheus. Think of Pandora. Think of Baker opening Atwater’s memo the minute he steps out of the hospital room. And think of him reading a plan so mad, so potentially destructive, and so utterly logical (in a particularly Atwateresquely cynical kind of way) that it just might work…. Not since Catch-22 has there been a novel so brutal in its satire, so lethal in its aim, and so powerfully compelling and caustic in its effect.

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