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Book:Opening Skinner's Box

Opening Skinner's Box: Great Psychological Experiments of the Twentieth Century

Lauren Slater

Documents the drama of extraordinary inquiries into human psychology, bringing to life stories with unforgettable protagonists.

Lauren Slater delivers a witty and stunningly perceptive view of the progress of the science of the human mind in the last century. Beginning with B. F. Skinner and the legend of a child raised in a box, she takes us from a deep empathy with Stanley Milgram’s obedience subjects to a funny and disturbing re-creation of an experiment questioning the validity of psychiatric diagnosis. We observe cognitive dissonance among cult members whose apocalypse fails to arrive, and we see the groundwork being laid for a pill that promises to rescue the memories of aging baby boomers.

Through nine examples of ingenious experiments by some of psychology’s most innovative thinkers, Slater traces the evolution…[more]

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