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Book:Child of the Owl

Child of the Owl

Laurence Yep

“I can’t remember when Barney’s story began but all my life I’d heard this story about how a little girl and her father were going to hit it big one of these days….I knew more about race horses than I knew about myself—I mean myself as a Chinese.”

Race horses aren’t any help when Barney lands in the hospital and Casey is sent to live with Paw-Paw—her maternal grandmother-in San Francisco’s Chinatown. She’s not prepared for the Chinese school, the crowds, the noise, the small room she has to share with Paw-Paw—and she’s not prepared for missing Barney.

But Paw-Paw tells Casey about Jeanie, the mother Casey never knew, about her true Chinese name, and about the story of the family’s owl charm. This shows Casey that being a child of the owl means that sometimes, like this ancestral owl spirit, you…[more]

Book:The Case of the Lion Dance

The Case of the Lion Dance: Chinatown Mystery No. 2

Laurence Yep

When Lily’s great-aunt Tiger Lil is hired to publicize the opening of a new restaurant, she plans an all-out extravaganza. But a mysterious bomber sets off an explosion, and all her plans go up in smoke. Someone is trying to sabotage the restaurant! And now the police are writing off the case as a publicity stunt gone wrong. It’s up to Lily and ex-action star Tiger Lil to catch the culprit themselves.

In this, his second book in the Chinatown Mystery series, award-winning author Laurence Yep has written a fast-paced, hilarious story that brings San Francisco’s Chinatown to life.

Book:Dragon's Gate

Dragon's Gate

Laurence Yep

In 1867, Otter travels from Three Willows Village in China to California—the Land of the Golden Mountain. There he will join his father and uncle.

In spite of the presence of family, Otter is a stranger among the other Chinese in this new land. And where he expected to see a land of goldfields, he sees only vast, cold whiteness. But Otter’s dream is to learn all he can, take the technology back to the Middle Kingdom, and free China from the Manchu invaders.

Otter and the others board a machine that will change his life—a train for which he would open the Dragon’s Gate.

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