Author: Linda Grant

British author and journalist Linda Grant was born in Liverpool in 1951 and now resides in London. Visit her official website for more info.

See also: American mystery author Author:Linda V. Williams (a.k.a “Linda Grant”).


Book:When I Lived in Modern Times

When I Lived in Modern Times

Linda Grant

When I Lived in Modern Times is one woman’s story of discovery-of herself, of her heritage, and of the nation that would one day become Israel.

It is April 1946. For a weary and exhausted Europe, it’s a time to begin picking up the pieces of the past, and for the armies of displaced persons on the move to slowly return home-if they still have one. But for Evelyn Sert, a twenty-year-old woman from London standing on the deck of a ship bound for Palestine, it is a time of adventure and a time of change when anything seems possible.

Landing on the shores of a nation fighting to be born, Evelyn is quickly caught up in the spirited, chaotic churning of her new, strange country. Unsure of herself and where she belongs in this world whose only constant is change, she will become Eve…[more]

Book:The Clothes on Their Backs

The Clothes on Their Backs

Linda Grant

In a red brick mansion block off the Marylebone Road, Vivien, a sensitive, bookish girl grows up sealed off from both past and present by her timid refugee parents. Then one morning a glamorous uncle appears, dressed in a mohair suit, with a diamond watch on his wrist and a girl in a leopard-skin hat on his arm. Why is Uncle Sandor so violently unwelcome in her parents’ home?

This is a novel about survival—both banal and heroic—and a young woman who discovers the complications, even betrayals, that inevitably accompany the fierce desire to live. Set against the backdrop of a London from the 1950s to the present day, The Clothes on Their Backs is a wise and tender novel about the clothes we choose to wear, the personalities we dress ourselves in, and about how they define us all.

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