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Book:How the Incredible Human Body Works by the Brainwaves

How the Incredible Human Body Works by the Brainwaves

Richard Walker, Lisa Swerling, Ralph Lazar

From the same artistic team who gave us How Nearly Everything was Invented, How the Incredible Human Body Works takes readers on a rollicking, rip-roaring romp around the human body. The second book in the Brainwaves series, this quirky yet informative book looks at the body’s physiological processes and its anatomical make-up. Watch the Brainwaves fight with the body’s defense force against invasions from toxic bacteria, dodge squirting digestive juices that can reduce anything to a pulp, or get washed away on a raging red river of blood. The Brainwaves are little people on a big adventure-come join them on their mission of mischievous mayhem.

Book:How Nearly Everything Was Invented by the Brainwaves

How Nearly Everything Was Invented by the Brainwaves

Lisa Swerling, Ralph Lazar

Join the Brainwaves on an amazing journey to discover everything about the inventions that changed the way people lived…

Meet the Brainwaves, hilarious little mischief-makers with big ideas! These pint-sized pals will show you around and tell you all about key inventions, the breakthroughs that lead to them and spectacular spin offs which followed. When was the wheel first used? Who were the bright sparks that thought of the light bulb? And what connects a teapot to a 400-kph train? Find out all about more than 300 key inventions that changed the world (and lead to almost everything else that’s ever been invented). With fantastic foldout pages, the whole story can unravel in front of your eyes! Uncover the who, what, when, where and why of each invention and how they have transformed the way we live today.

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