Author: Liza Cody

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Liza Cody

Book:Bucket Nut

Bucket Nut

Liza Cody

In this hard-hitting, colorful new novel, award-winning author Liza Cody launches a new series and introduces a marvelous new heroine: Eva Wylie, a female wrestler who, when she’s not working the sleazy wrestling circuit, is a security guard who cuts a sizzling swath through London low-life, unecumbered by scruples.


Backhand: An Anna Lee Mystery

Liza Cody

The third novel featuring Anna Lee, private investigator. She is drawn into a web of exploitation and deception which leads her from the sleaze of London’s back streets to the dangerous glitter of Florida. The author won the Crime Writers’ Association Silver Dagger Award for “Bucket Nut”

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