Author: Lyda Morehouse

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Book:Archangel Protocol

Archangel Protocol

Lyda Morehouse

First the LINK—an interactive, implanted computer—transformed society. Then came the angels—cybernetic manifestations that claimed to be working God’s will. But former cop Deidre McMannus has had her LINK implant removed—for a crime she didn’t commit. And she’s never believed in the angels. But all that will change when a man named Michael appears at her door.

Book:Apocalypse Array

Apocalypse Array

Lyda Morehouse

Amariah McMannus isn’t your normal, everyday, trouble-making teenager. Her mother’s a legend in the cybernetic and law-enforcement communities. Her father is the Archangel Michael. The Antichrist is about to get married to Satan-and Amariah herself just may be the next messiah…

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