Author: Lynn S. Hightower

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Book:Satan's Lambs

Satan's Lambs: A Lena Padget Mystery

Lynn S. Hightower

Seven years ago, Lena Padget’s brother-in-law, Jeff Hayes, went to jail for the brutal murders of her sister and two-year-old nephew. Bitter that restraining orders couldn’t stop bullets, she became a private investigator and advocate for abused women and children whom the police and the legal system neglect.

Hayes is out on parole now, and he’s looking for Lena. Once a major figure in a brutal cult, he teams up with Archie Valetta, an old business partner who is also fresh from prison. When Archie kidnaps Charlie, his ex-wife’s four-year-old son, Eloise Valetta calls Lena for help. A few days later, Archie is found dead—the murder victim of a satanic cult. Charlie has disappeared, but Lena is certain he has been abducted by Jeff’s old cult.

Lena is taking big risks: a budding romance with her police contact; a dangerous on-line contact with the mysterious cult leader, Mr. Enoch; and the leads from her motley bunch of clients who owe her favors. Even if Lena makes all the right moves, will she be in time to save Charlie?

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