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Book:Little Little

Little Little

M.E. Kerr

Finding the right mate is no small matter...

Little Little La Belle is the daughter of the wealthiest businessman in town. She is everything an heiress should be — beautiful, independent, and perfect in every way. Except for one thing: she is only three feet, three inches tall. And now that she is about to turn eighteen, her parents are conspiring to get her married to the perfect young man. But Little Little has plans of her own.

With characters who play their cards close to the vest and closer to the ground, Little Little is a love story unlike any other.

Book:Slap Your Sides

Slap Your Sides

M.E. Kerr

Friends, I have to speak up and oppose this praise for a conchie, even though he is my own blood. I may love Bud Shoemaker, but I don’t admire him any longer. How can I if he won’t pull his weight in this war? How can you be pacifists with a madman like Hitler ready to rule the world? I want to say to you all, Wake up!

Everyone in Sweet Creek knows about Bud Shoemaker. Nothing is secret for long in that small Pennsylvania town. Bud has been asked not to lead his Boy Scout troop anymore. When he drives up at the Texaco station in his old Ford, the help take their time coming out to pump gas.

A lot of regular customers aren’t buying at his family’s department store, either. And a lot of the Shoemakers’ friends are no longer that friendly. …[more]

Book:Fell Back

Fell Back

M.E. Kerr

When a classmate at his exclusive private school falls to his death from a tower, seventeen-year-old John Fell is determined to find out whether the incident was suicide, accident, or murder.

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