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Book:Nova Swing

Nova Swing

M. John Harrison

Years after Ed Chianese’s fateful trip into the Kefahuchi Tract, the tract has begun to expand and change in ways we never could have predicted—and, even more terrifying, parts of it have actually begun to fall to Earth, transforming the landscapes they encounter.

Not far from Moneytown, in a neighborhood of underground clubs, body-modification chop shops, adolescent contract killers, and sexy streetwalking Monas, you’ll find the Saudade Event Site: a zone of strange geography, twisted physics, and frightening psychic onslaughts—not to mention the black and white cats that come pouring out at irregular intervals.

Vic Serotonin is a “travel agent” into and out of Saudade. His latest client is a woman who’s nearly as unpredictable as the site itself—and maybe just as dangerous. She wants a tour just as a troubling new class of biological artifacts are…[more]

Book:Empty Space: A Haunting

Empty Space: A Haunting

M. John Harrison

One of science fiction’s premiere stylists, M. John Harrison has received abundant praise and awards for his wildly imaginative ideas and transcendent prose. Now he returns to the richly complex universe of Light and Nova Swing with a stunning new novel that braids three glittering strands into a tapestry that spans vast reaches of time and space.

In the near future, an elderly English widow is stirred from her mundane existence by surreal omens and visitations. Centuries later, the space freighter Nova Swing takes on an illegal alien artifact as cargo, with consequences beyond reckoning. While on a distant planet, a nameless policewoman tries to bring order to an event zone where ordinary physics do not apply, only to find herself caught up in something even stranger and more sublime….



M. John Harrison

Beneath the unbearable light of the Kefahuchi Tract—a huge, fulminating ocean of radiant energy deep in the galaxy—three objects lie on the barren surface of an asteroid: an abandoned spacecraft, a pair of what look like bone dice, and a human skeleton. What they are, and what they mean, are the mysteries explored and unwrapped in Light, M. John Harrison’s astonishing return to the imaginative terrain of science fiction. Three intertwining strands of narrative—one contemporary, the others set in different parts of the galaxy in the year 2400—make up the novel.

In the here and now is Michael Kearney, destined to take part in a discovery which will make possible interstellar travel, but at present a tortured individual confronted by a strange and possibly alien entity known as the Shrander. In the future there are Seria-Mau Genlicher, spaceship pilot, surgically and biologically modified to interact directly with her ship, the White…[more]

Book:Travel Arrangements

Travel Arrangements

M. John Harrison

Having previously published eight novels and three collections of stories, M. John Harrison’s latest collection, Travel Arrangements, confirms the abilities of a writer of singular subtlety and intelligence; that he is not more celebrated may in part be due to the tendency of writers to be categorised by genre. The author’s previous books have often been labelled as science-fiction or fantasy but the stories gathered here demonstrate the limitations of such categories. Harrison’s writing balances disquietingly on the edge of realism and careful…

Book:The Floating Gods

The Floating Gods

M. John Harrison

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