Author: Manda Scott

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Book:No Good Deed

No Good Deed

Manda Scott

For Detective Inspector Orla McLeod, violence is a way of life. As a child, her own world was ripped apart by a brutal, unforgettable moment of terror. So when the Special Branch operation she is spearheading goes disastrously wrong, she will do everything she can to protect the nine-year-old boy caught in the cross fire. For Jamie Buchanan was the sole witness to an act of savagery committed in cold blood by a man rapidly becoming one of the most feared criminals in Europe.

Orla and her partner, Luke Tyler, had risked their lives to infiltrate Tord Svensen’s criminal world. Together they had gone deep undercover in a Glasgow tenement to get close enough to bring him down. Then in a series of harrowing events, everything in Orla’s life would change forever.

Now Orla finds herself haunted by the memory of what happened—and tormented by the guilt she feels over her own survival.…[more]

Book:Hen's Teeth

Hen's Teeth: A Kellen Stewart Crime Thriller

Manda Scott

At midnight in Glasgow, Dr. Kellen Stewart learns that her ex-lover Bridget—who was only 41—died of cardiac arrest. With the help of her pathologist friend, Kellen follows the evidence to Bridget’s farm, where she encounters a strange menagerie of priceless hens, lethal eggs, vanishing corpses, and bio-medical marvels to die for.

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