Author: Marc Laidlaw

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Book:The 37th Mandala

The 37th Mandala

Marc Laidlaw

The incredible talents of Marc Laidlaw have brought us sharp-edged satire and edge-of-your-seat suspense, but nothing in the known world can prepare readers for the unsettling horror of The 37th Mandala.

The mandalas spawn in the sickness of our souls. They have always been among us, unseen and uncalled. Those few occult masters who have encountered them have known to leave them alone. When a cynical New Age charlatan named Derek Crowe learns of them, he sees an opportunity for big bucks. All he needs to do is turn the mandalas into guardian spirits with a message of joy—and fortune will be his. And Derek’s success will be our undoing.

Book:Neon Lotus

Neon Lotus

Marc Laidlaw

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