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Book:We Need to Talk About Kelvin

We Need to Talk About Kelvin: What Everyday Things Tell Us About the Universe

Marcus Chown

Marcus Chown uncovers the cosmic signs in the world around us. Look around you…

The reflection of your face in a window tells you that the universe at its deepest level is orchestrated by chance.

The iron in a spot of blood on your finger tells you that out in space there must be a furnace at a temperature of 4.5 billion degrees.

The static on a badly tuned TV screen tells you that the universe began in a big bang.

In fact, your very existence tells you this may not be the only universe but merely one among an infinity of others, stacked like the pages of a never-ending book.

Marcus Chown, author of the hugely successful Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You, shows how familiar features of the world reveal profound truths about the ultimate nature of reality. With the aid of a falling leaf, or a rose, or a starry night sky, Chown makes cutting-edge science clear and meaningful. His new book will literally change the way you see the world.

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