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Book:Bootlegger's Daughter

Bootlegger's Daughter: A Deborah Knott Mystery

Margaret Maron

Unconventional, still unwed (at the ripe old age of 34) North Carolina attorney Deborah Knott has done the unthinkable: tossed her hat into the heated race for district judge of old boy-ruled Colleton County. The only female candidate, she’s busy defending indigent clients and reeling in voters. Then suddenly, the young daughter of Janie Whitehead begs her to help solve Janie’s senseless, never-solved, eighteen-year-old murder. Deborah takes on the case; following twisted, typically Southern bloodlines, turning up dangerous, decades-old secrets, and inspiring someone to go on an all-out campaign to derail her future—political and otherwise. But it will take more than sleazy smear tactics to scare this determined steel magnolia off the scent of down-home deceit…even in a town where a cool slug of moonshine made by Deborah’s father can go down just as smoothly as a cold case of triple murder.

Book:High Country Fall

High Country Fall: A Deborah Knott Mystery

Margaret Maron

Judge Deborah Knott has agreed to “tie the knot” with childhood friend Deputy Sheriff Dwight Bryant, and her numerous relatives are acting as if it’s the love match of the century. It’s not, and suddenly Deborah’s wondering whether friendship, mutual history, and good sex are enough to make a marriage. Her antidote for cold feet? She’s heading for the hills.

When asked to fill in for a vacationing judge in Cedar Gap, a five-hour drive from her flatland home, Deborah readily agrees. It’s the perfect place to clear her head with its fresh mountain air, gorgeous fall foliage, and tourists thicker than fleas on a blue tick hound.

But a prominent Cedar Gap doctor has been brutally murdered and Judge Knott arrives in time to hear the probable cause case against the young man who’s been arrested. With enough evidence to go to trial, Deborah rules that the case can go forward…despite…[more]

Book:Home Fires

Home Fires: A Deborah Knott Mystery

Margaret Maron

North Carolina Judge Deborah Knott engages in her own investigation of an arsonists in the midst of campaigning for reelection in the sixth installment of this award-winning series.

At a stop along her campaign trail, Judge Deborah Knott attends a community picnic at the Mt. Olive Church. When the historic building is destroyed by a fire shortly after the outing - and the charred skeleton of young man is found among the ashes - Knott begins her own investigation into the tragedy. Earlier national news reports of a fire at a local African-American church had already gained attention of Wallace Adderly, a Black Panther from the ‘70s. Knott and Adderly team up to discover if the blazes are merely coincidence, or the work of a racist arsonist. As the number of suspects rises, Deborah finds herself re-examining her own beliefs and values as she and Adderly race to prevent another devastating loss in the community.

Book:Three-Day Town

Three-Day Town: A Deborah Knott Mystery

Margaret Maron

Judge Deborah Knott and Sheriff’s Deputy Dwight Bryant are on a train to New York, finally on a honeymoon after a year of marriage. January in New York might not be the perfect time to visit, but they’ll take it. The trip is a Christmas present from Dwight’s sister-in-law, who arranged for them to stay in an Upper West Side apartment for one week. While in New York, Deborah has been asked to deliver a package to Lt. Sigrid Harald of the NYPD. Sigrid offers to swing by the apartment to pick up the box, but when they reach the apartment, they discover that it is missing and the doorman has been murdered. Despite their best efforts to enjoy a blissful getaway, Deborah and Dwight soon find that they’ve teamed up with Sigrid and her team to catch the killer before he strikes again.

Book:Storm Track

Storm Track: A Deborah Knott Mystery

Margaret Maron

“Hurricanes rarely make it inland as far as Colleton County, North Carolina. When they do, people remember them as events that mark an entire generation. Domestic storms, on the other hand, hit with regularity. But when the scantily clad body of a promiscuous wife is found in a motel, the killing resounds like a thunderclap through the community.

With her handsome cousin a suspect in the murder, Judge Deborah Knott gets personally involved in the case. She soon uncovers a web of secret and illicit affairs that stretches from the African-American church community to Deborah’s own family. Then the murderer strikes again, even as a real-life killer storm rages up the Carolina coast. Hurricane Fran, bearing powers that can alter the landscape forever, will deliver a revelation to Deborah Knott about those closest to her-and a justice greater than man’s own.

Mesmerizing, psychologically complex, and cleverly plotted with surprises and twists, Storm Track is great, powerful fiction…and Margaret Maron at her best.”

Book:Up Jumps the Devil

Up Jumps the Devil: A Deborah Knott Mystery

Margaret Maron

Murder usually begins at home, and Colleton County, North Carolina, proves no exception. When truck driver and childhood neighbor Dallas Stancil is shot and killed in his own backyard, Judge Deborah Knott figures she owes his memory at least the respectful ritual of taking his widow one of her Aunt Zell’s best chicken casseroles. Mistake Number One. Dallas wasn’t rich, but with development eating up the farms and forests of North Carolina his land is suddenly worth a fortune. His trashy, chain-smoking third wife and grown stepchildren are all too aware of its value. Opportunistsincluding one Deborah’s own brothers—are coming out of the woodwork. And she knows big money makes people do bad things. Hardworking, redneck, and salt-of-the-earth, the Stancil men have lived side-by-side with Deborah’s family. When the Stancils suffer another tragedy, a long-hidden skeleton rattles its bones and jumps out of what she thought was her long-dead past. She can run the culprit back out of town or maybe get him charged…[more]

Book:The Buzzard Table

The Buzzard Table: A Deborah Knott Mystery

Margaret Maron

Judge Deborah Knott and her husband, Sheriff’s Deputy Dwight Bryant, are back home in Colleton County amid family and old friends. But the winter winds have blown in several new faces as well. Lt. Sigrid Harald and her mother, Anne, a well-known photographer, are down from New York to visit Mrs. Lattimore, Anne’s dying mother. When the group gathers for dinner at Mrs. Lattimore’s Victorian home, they meet the enigmatic Martin Crawford, an ornithologist researching a book on Southern vultures. He’s also Mrs. Lattimore’s long-lost nephew. With her health in decline, Mrs. Lattimore wants to make amends with her family-a desire Deborah can understand, as she, too, works to strengthen her relationship with her young stepson, Cal.

Anne is charmed by her mysterious cousin, but she cannot shake the feeling that there is something familiar about Martin…something he doesn’t want her or anyone else to discover. When a string of suspicious murders sets Colleton County on edge, Deborah, Dwight, and Sigrid once again work together to catch a killer, uncovering long-buried family secrets along the way.

Book:Hard Row

Hard Row: A Deborah Knott Mystery

Margaret Maron

As Judge Deborah Knott presides over a case involving a barroom brawl, it becomes clear that deep resentments over race, class, and illegal immigration are simmering just below the surface in the countryside. An early spring sun has begun to shine like a blessing on the fertile fields of North Carolina, but along with the seeds sprouting in the thawing soil, violence is growing as well. Mutilated body parts have appeared along the back roads of Colleton County, and the search for the victim’s identity and for that of his killer will lead Deborah and her new husband, Sheriff’s Deputy Dwight Bryant, into the desperate realm of undocumented farm workers exploited for cheap labor.In the meantime, Deborah and Dwight continue to adjust to married life and to having Dwight’s eight-year-old son, Cal, live with them full time. When another body is found, these newlyweds will discover dark truths that threaten to permanently alter the serenity of their rural surroundings and their new life together.

Book:Rituals of the Season

Rituals of the Season: A Deborah Knott Mystery

Margaret Maron

The multiple winner of the most coveted prizes for mystery fiction, Margaret Maron is back with a new tale featuring her perennially popular sleuth Judge Deborah Knott. Only days away from her wedding to Deputy Sheriff Dwight Bryant, Judge Deborah Knott has more than enough worries to keep her busy. With her sisters-in-law dissecting every detail of the ceremony, her brothers making book on whether her very pregnant matron of honor will be in the church or in labor, her house torn up by carpenters and plumbers, and Dwight’s young son expected for Christmas, Deborah doesn’t need a murder on her wedding plate as well-but that’s exactly what she gets….

Book:Last Lessons of Summer

Last Lessons of Summer

Margaret Maron

In the suffocating heat of a Southern August, Amy Steadman, heir to a merchandising and publishing empire, has come to clean out the house of her murdered grandmother - and perhaps find some answers. Beneath her quiet, accommodating manner, a storm is brewing.

For here in this gracious home, Amy’s own mother had committed suicide when her daughter was barely three years old. The tragedy put an end to her mother’s turbulent marriage to Amy’s father. But the secrets surrounding her mother’s death live on. Sorting through her grandmother’s things, Amy reflects on the parallels between her parents’ relationship and the growing suspicions she has about her own husband, who may love her legacy more than he loves her.

As she rediscovers the tobacco-rich land where she spent her childhood summers, Amy meets relatives she never knew, and…[more]

Book:Southern Discomfort

Southern Discomfort: A Deborah Knott Mystery

Margaret Maron

With sass and wit, Deborah Knott, formerly a defense attorney in North Carolina’s Colleton County, is putting herself firmly on the seat of power—a district judgeship. She’s also making good on a campaign promise: helping to build houses for battered women. Here Deborah expects muscle aches, not the near-rape of a young woman and the murder of her attacker. And she certainly never expects that her hammer—complete with her fingerprints—will be the murder weapon…

Book:Corpus Christmas

Corpus Christmas: A Mystery

Margaret Maron

A relic of Manhattan’s Gilded Age, when Edith Wharton and Henry James chronicled its inhabitants, the Erich Bruel House on Gramercy Park contained three floors of glorious art-and one Christmas corpse. While the mansion was being decorated with antique ornaments, and preparations were being made for a lavish holiday party, someone killed the obnoxious art historian Dr. Roger Shambley. Lieutenant Sigrid Harald of the New York Police Department comes up with a long list of suspects, and must sort through all sorts of motives, including academic rivalry, infidelity, art fraud, and good old-fashioned spite. Unless Sigrid can wrap up this homicide before the killer strikes again, her romantic white Christmas is going to be splashed with crimson.

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