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Book:The Longest Night

The Longest Night

Marion Dane Bauer, Ted Lewin

It is the longest night of the year, and the snow lies deep. All through the forest, animals long for dawn’s warmth. Strong and clever creatures boast that only they can bring back the sun. But the wind knows better. The wind calls Chickadee, whose simple song wakes the sun.

In this lyrical story from Marion Dane Bauer with breathtaking watercolors by Ted Lewin, it will take a tiny and gentle creature to summon a new day.



Marion Dane Bauer

Deep in the Minnesota forest, where only the strong survive, four regular-sized pups—Leader, Sniffer, Runner, and Thinker—are pushed into the world. Then one last, very small pup is born into the wolf pack. He is called Runt.

From the very start, Runt struggles in the harsh wild world of the wolves. He tries learning along with his brothers and sisters, but makes serious mistakes. It’s hard pleasing his father, King, and the other wolves. If only Runt could prove himself to his powerful father and family….

Book:On My Honor

On My Honor

Marion Dane Bauer

“On your honor?” Joel’s father said. “You won’t go anywhere except the park?”

“On my honor,” Joel repeated.

During a bicycle trip to the state park, Joel dares his best fried Tony to a swimming race in the dangerous Vermillion River. The boys have been warned never to go near the river, but Tony can’t let Joel think he’s scared. Both boys jump in.

When Joel reaches the sandbar, he turns and looks for Tony and finds that he has vanished. Joel is stunned. How can he face their parents and the terrible truth?

Book:Foster Child

Foster Child

Marion Dane Bauer

When her great-grandmother is placed in a nursing home, a twelve-year-old is sent to a foster home where the fanatically religious father presses his attentions on her.

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