Author: Mark Siegel

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Book:Echo & Narcissus

Echo & Narcissus

Mark Siegel

Mark Siegel’s Echo and Narcissus is a tragicomic downbound train powered by hi-octane rock ‘n’ roll voodoo. From the John Fogarty swampedelic riffs of Part One, to the Jim Morrison Lizard King squalor of Part Two, to the Elvis-in-a-gold-jumpsuit decadence of Part Three, this novel chronicling the lives and hard times of Max, the wasted guitarist with a mind too nimble for his own good, and Echo, his naive yet wise child bride with pipes of gold, covers more quintessential American pop culture terrain than anything by Salmon Rushdie or Don DeLillo. Siegel is the Bad, Bad Leroy Brown of slipstream writing: meaner than a junkyard dog, but you can’t help petting his razorback fur.” —Paul Di Filippo, author of Strange Trades

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