Author: Mark T. Sullivan

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Book:The Purification Ceremony

The Purification Ceremony

Mark T. Sullivan

At a young age in the Maine woods, Diana Jackman learned to move freely in the wilderness, to sense a world invisible to most. A natural tracker from

a long line of shamans, healers, and hunters—an estranged wife and mother—she has returned to the woods to find again a place of magic…and death.

Eight hunters have gathered on an isolated estate in Bristish Columbia to track record book whitetail dear. But someone else is watching the hunting party—an insane and violent force of nature, hiding in the blinding whiteness of the Canadian winter. And now the hunters themselves have become the game.

For the first time in her life, Diana Jackman will know what it is to be prey.

To survive she will have to rely on her father’s teachings, and set out alone to hunt the hunter.

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