Author: Mark Troy

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Book:Pilikia is My Business

Pilikia is My Business

Mark Troy

Ex-cop, ex-con, ex-pro basketball player turned private investigator, Val Lyon walks the mean streets of Honolulu. She has been hired by a local attorney to find a missing boy who is the centerpiece of a bitter custody battle. Neither Val nor her client, Brian Magruder, realize what a high profile the case has acquired until they receive death threats. Val’s task pits her against a prominent feminist activist, some politically-connected clergy and members of a powerful local family.

Soon bodies begin to drop and Val finds herself not only searching for the boy, but trying to protect Brian as well. The fact that she has fallen for Brian only complicates matters. The assignment takes Val from the canyons of downtown Honolulu to the leper colony of Molokai and back again. All the way, a killer is dogging her footsteps.

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