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Book:The Fine Art of Murder

The Fine Art of Murder: The Mystery Reader's Indispensable Companion

Ed Gorman, Martin H. Greenberg, Larry Segriff, Jon L. Breen

Features interviews, essays, photographic layouts, and recommended reading lists, with contributions by such notables as Robert Bloch, Dorothy Cannell, and Bill Pronzini.

Book:Speaking of Murder

Speaking of Murder: Interviews With the Masters of Mystery and Suspense

Ed Gorman, Martin H. Greenberg

Speaking of Murder offers a unique look into the minds of these masters of the genre as they candidly disclose their ideas, their characters, their early days as writers, and much more. This collection features more than twenty skillfully conducted interviews—nearly all of which appear for the first time in this volume—by other mystery writers and critics, and promises an unusual and fascinating view of both the people and their craft. Speaking of Murder includes interviews with: * Stephen King * Patricia Cornwell * Mary Higgins Clark * Sue Grafton * Mickey Spillane * Anne Perry * Tony Hillerman * Ruth Rendell * Sharyn McCrumb * Joan Hess * Ed McBain * Simon Brett * Elizabeth George * Peter Lovesey * Marcia Muller * Carolyn Hart * Ian Rankin * Elizabeth Peters * Dominick Abel * Bill Pronzini * Minette Walters * John Harvey

Book:Synod of Sleuths

Synod of Sleuths: Essays on Judeo-Christian Detective Fiction

Jon L. Breen, Martin H. Greenberg

In this collection of original essays, several prominent writers and critics of the genre examine the interface of theology and detection. Edward D. Hoch discusses Roman Catholic sleuths; James Yaffe discusses Jews in detective fiction; Marvin Lachman discusses the use of religious cults as mystery story backgrounds; co-editor Breen writes of Protestant religious mysteries and on Mormonism in the mystery; and four authors of mysteries about religious detectives—William X. Kienzle, Ellis Peters, Harry Kemelman, and Sister Carol Anne O’Marie—respond to a series of questions about their work.

Book:Speaking of Murder, Volume II

Speaking of Murder: Interviews With the Masters of Mystery and Suspense

Ed Gorman, Martin H. Greenberg

First came Speaking of Murder, a compelling collection of interviews where bestselling mystery and suspense authors revealed their lives behind the pages. Now comes Speaking of Murder, Volume II, assembling more of the brightest names in the genre to discuss what inspires them, what scares them, why they write what they do—as well as what subjects they don’t touch upon and why. Dean Koontz talks about the struggle to bring his books to the silver screen…Walter Mosely discusses the impact mystery fan President Clinton has had on the genre…Nancy Pickard comments on the changes that have occurred for women mystery writers in the past two decades…Lawrence Block compares and contrasts himself to his series character Matt Scudder…and much more.

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