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Book:Natural History (Maureen Howard)

Natural History

Maureen Howard

Years after the event, the mysterious circumstances that surround the murder of a lovesick soldier by a society vamp continue to haunt the family of Billy Bray, the swaggering Bridgeport police detective who investigated the crime, in this alternately enchanting and bawdy but always profound novel by award-winning novelist Maureen Howard.

Now middle-aged, bored with money and jaded by youthful movie-star fame, James Bray sees in the old murder case a ready-made film scenario and, in the starring role of his father, the resuscitation of his screen career. But reality continually intrudes upon his fantasy, for he cannot separate his father’s story from his own or that of his second wife—the beautiful Lilah Bray, a one-time rodeo queen—or his brilliant neglected daughter, Jen. Ultimately, though, it is James’s sister, Catherine Bray, a spinster (of wool and of history), whose searing confessional unravels the heartbreaking fictions of her Irish Catholic family and lays bare the American soul.

Book:Expensive Habits

Expensive Habits

Maureen Howard

Book:Grace Abounding

Grace Abounding

Maureen Howard

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