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Book:100 Great Detectives or the Detective Directory

100 Great Detectives or the Detective Directory

Maxim Jakubowski

Book:Following the Detectives

Following the Detectives: Real Locations in Crime Fiction

Maxim Jakubowski

Whether it be the London of Sherlock Holmes or the Ystad of the Swedish Wallander, Dashiell Hammett’s San Francisco or Donna Leon’s Venice, the settings chosen by crime fiction authors have helped those writers to bring their fictional investigators to life and to infuse their writing with a sense of danger and mystery.

Following the Detectives follows the trail of over 20 of crime fiction’s greatest investigators, discovering the cities and countries in which they live and work.

Edited by one of the leading voices in crime fiction, Maxim Jakubowski, each entry is written by a crime writer, journalist or critic with a particular expertise in that detective and the fictional crimes that have taken place in each city’s dark streets and hidden places. …[more]

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