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Book:The Book of the Lion

The Book of the Lion

Michael Cadnum

Edmund, an apprentice, is seized by the king’s men and thrown in jail for his master’s crime of counterfeiting. Then Edmund is unexpectedly released into the custody of Sir Nigel, a knight in search of a squire. Edmund will train as a squire and accompany the knight on a journey to fight alongside Richard the Lionheart on the Crusades. As they travel across Europe, Edmund is fascinated by all he sees, but he fears for his safety in the days that lie ahead. How can he possibly prepare for the untold horrors of war? “This is a pulse-pounding tale, vivid and visceral.” -Booklist

“Fans of history and adventure will devour this well-crafted, dramatic quest.”

Book:In a Dark Wood

In a Dark Wood

Michael Cadnum

No one has ever bested Geoffrey, the Sheriff of Nottingham—until the day a new villain appears in the forest. Cunning, treacherous, and, against all expectations, a man to respect, his name is Robin Hood. Their deadly game of cat and mouse begins—and the Sheriff’s life will never be the same.

Acclaimed young adult author Michael Cadnum’s subtle, evocative prose is sure to leave readers spellbound.

Book:Breaking the Fall

Breaking the Fall

Michael Cadnum

“Stanley North, a high-school sophomore, is seduced by his destructive friend Jared into joining a dangerous game: breaking into houses while the owners are home and stealing one item, ‘a token, any random object, as proof’…Readers will hold their breath”. —The Horn Book.

Book:Calling Home

Calling Home

Michael Cadnum

Overcome with guilt when he accidentally kills his best friend Mead, Peter, an alcoholic teenager, hides the body and embraces the fantasy that Mead still lives, even going so far as to impersonate him.

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