Author: Mike Goldsmith

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Book:Riotous Robots

Riotous Robots

Mike Goldsmith

Riotous Robots are taking over the world, and this cybernetic guide tells you just how they are doing it. Read on and you’ll discover a robot that’s forced to snack on slugs for a living and a robo-alligator that works as a scarecrow. You’ll also learn how to tell your cyborgs from your cyberpets.

Book:Albert Einstein and His Inflatable Universe

Albert Einstein and His Inflatable Universe: Dead Famous series

Mike Goldsmith, Philip Reeve

Yes, even though he’s dead, Al’s still full of surprises. You can get the mind-blowing inside story with Albert’s lost notebook, read the earth-shattering headlines in “The News of the Universe”, and find out about the theories that changed the entire cosmos—without making your brain hurt.

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