Author: Mike Resnick

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Ivory: A Legend of Past and Future

Mike Resnick

Duncan Rojas, a researcher, is hired by the mysterious Bukoba Mandaka to find pair of elephant tusks that have been missing for more than three thousand years and moved from planet to planet.

Book:Fangs and Angel Wings

Fangs and Angel Wings

Karen E. Taylor, William Sanders, Mike Resnick

A vampire named Bitsy. A grieving father’s rage. An intergalactic cosmetic saleswoman. Loving wives, thwarted mistresses. Demons, ghosts, gods and angels. Red silk scarves and the lash of leather. What do these diverse elements have in common? They have all been spawned in the imagination of Karen E. Taylor, a Bram Stoker nominated author. In Fangs and Angel Wings, the writer of the popular Vampire Legacy series will take you on a tour of distant planets, drafty castles, haunted houses, and the most frightening place of all: the dark recesses of the human heart.

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