Author: Minister Faust

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Book:From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain

From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain

Minister Faust

They’re Earth’s mightiest superteam—and dysfunctional as hell. Having finally defeated all archenemies, the members of the Fantastic Order of Justice are reduced to engaging in toxic office politics that could very well lead to a superpowered civil war. Only one woman can save them from themselves: Dr. Eva Brain-Silverman, aka Dr. Brain, the world’s leading therapist for the extraordinarily abled.

Book:The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad

The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad

Minister Faust

Hamza and Yehat are The Coyote Kings—best friends, one a disgruntled dishwasher and the other a video store clerk, but each brilliant in his own right. Yehat guilds prototypes of space-age inventions in his spare time, while Hamza, a former English honors student kicked out of university, writes lush, lyrical poems when he’s not blocked—which, these days, is nearly always.

When the gorgeous, mysterious Sherem shows up in E-Town decked out in desert finery, Hamza’s creative spark is ignited. Who is this sophisticated woman who speaks arcane African tongues, quotes from obscure comics and Star Wars movies, yet seems somehow too ethereal for the world Hamza inhabits? And what is the lost artifact that she and a cast of coiffed collectors and criminal cultists so desperately seek? As Hamza falls blindly in love with Sherem, little does he know that he and Yehat play the biggest part of all in the recovery of the ancient relic—and in the future of all living beings.

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