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Book:Knuckles and Tales

Knuckles and Tales

Nancy A. Collins

Knuckles and Tales is a collection of atmospheric, disturbing, spooky, and downright weird stories by award-winning author Nancy A. Collins. Best known for her edgy novels featuring the hip punk vampire/vampire slayer, Sonja Blue, Nancy has also written numerous short stories over the past ten years. This is her second short story collection, and the first to focus exclusively on her widely-acclaimed Southern Gothic stories. The stories on display in Knuckles and Tales range from suspense and psychological horror to dark fantasy and black comedy, with the occasional weird love story thrown in for good measure. Along with original J.K. Potter cover artwork, Knuckles and Tales features two never-before-published novelettes in the Seven Devils Cycle: “Junior Teeter and the Bad Shine” and “The Pumpkin Child.”

Book:Sunglasses After Dark

Sunglasses After Dark

Nancy A. Collins

Sonja Blue, a vampiric vampire-hunter, was at the forefront of the resurgence of interest in vampires a decade ago. Now ten years after her introduction, Sunglasses After Dark is available in a stand-alone anniversary edition.

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