Author: Nancy Bell

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Book:Biggie and the Poisoned Politician

Biggie and the Poisoned Politician

Nancy Bell

Biggie Weatherford is the wealthiest woman in the tiny East Texas town of Job’s Crossing. She’s also something of an eccentric (she says cooling her feet in a propped-open refrigerator is easier than putting in air-conditioning). Mostly, though, she’s an affectionate grandmother with a passion for fishing and an abiding interest in local history.

Understandably, Biggie gets riled up when she finds out about the proposed garbage dump to be located next to her ancestral graveyard—the final resting place of James Royce Wooten, the town’s founding father and the namesake of Biggie’s young grandson, J. R. With J. R. by her side, Biggie plots to derail city hall, only to wind up in the middle of a murder investigation when, right in front of her, the mayor drops dead in his angel food cake. Now, Biggie might not have liked Mayor Gribbons and his plans, but she sure didn’t poison him, and she’s not about to let anyone in Job’s Crossing get away with murder. With plenty of gumption, Biggie sets about catching a killer and relocating the proposed dump—and she still finds time to organize the annual Job’s Crossing Pioneer Days festival.

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