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Book:The Power of UN

The Power of UN

Nancy Etchemendy

Everyone knows that a computer’s “undo” command can erase a mistake. Gib Finney has been given a device that allows him to do the same thing—in real life. At first, the possibilities seem endless. Flunk a test; take it over again. Keep swinging at the same pitch until you finally hit the winning home run. But when his younger sister is gravely injured in a traffic accident for which he feels responsible, Gib has to figure out which events in a two-day period should be changed in order to ensure that the accident never takes place. Did it all begin when Gib and his friend Ash set out for the carnival? Or when he argued with Rainy Frogner about the salt in their science experiment? Or when he shot the spitball at his math teacher? Gib finds himself “correcting” far more than he intended to, and the consequences quickly become impossible to predict.

Work:Bigger Than Death

Bigger Than Death

Nancy Etchemendy

This story was first published in Cricket Magazine, and might be found online if you search for it.

Book:Cat in Glass and Other Tales of the Unnatural

Cat in Glass and Other Tales of the Unnatural

Nancy Etchemendy

From the first two-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award in the children’s category come this gripping collection of eight tales of the weird and otherworldly. In the title story, madness awaits inside a statue created by an insane dying artist. “The Lily and the Weaver’s Heart” is a tale of a courageous one-eyed village girl who makes a life for herself and her young love, a one-legged cobbler, by selling her weavings and taking his place in a time-honored courting ritual in which young village men set out on a weeklong hunt for a rare lily for their future spouses. In “Lunch at Etienne’s,” a brief, chilling tale of nuclear winter, a woman continues her weekly luncheon dates until she realizes she’s the only diner speaking. In “The Flat-Brimmed Hat,” a teenage girl’s attempted suicide is thwarted by a visit from her older, wiser, happier self.

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