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Earthquake: Fast Forward Series

Nicholas Harris

Thousands of years ago. A coastal village in Japan thousands of years ago. Bearded hunters and fishermen witness earthquake. Landslides in mountains.

A hundred years ago. The village has become a town with port. People busy themselves with their daily lives.

A few years ago. The same scene, but a modern city street scene. It is late afternoon. Animals are restless. Weather is heavy and humid and strange lights in the sea fog have been seen by fishermen, who caught no fish at all.

A few minutes later. The quake begins. We are inside an apartment when this happens. Whole building is jolted violently, tipping up floor furniture. People (and pets) thrown across room.

A few seconds later. In town centre, cladding falls off modern steel-frame buildings. Bridges bend, train derailed. One…[more]

Book:Dinosaur: Fast Forward Series

Dinosaur: Fast Forward Series

Nicholas Harris

The site is China, millions of years ago, where dinosaur hatchlings emerge from their eggs, then, in successive illustrations, grow to gigantic size. Death comes years later when they are caught in a flood. Final illustrations show their bones being discovered in our own era and being mounted for display in a museum.

Original pictorial treatments of places and events in history make these books as entertaining as they are informative for young readers. Each title covers a single theme with a series of time-sequence illustrations that show how one location has changed over the course of history. Each illustration covers a large two-page spread. Tabs on page edges provide identifying historical dates for each picture, and have labels to explain details in the illustration. A Glossary at the back of each book defines relevant terms.

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