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Book:Magic Universe

Magic Universe: The Oxford Guide to Modern Science

Nigel Calder

As a prolific author, BBC commentator, and magazine editor, Nigel Calder has spent a lifetime spotting and explaining the big discoveries in all branches of science. In Magic Universe, he draws on his vast experience to offer readers a lively, far-reaching look at modern science in all its glory, shedding light on the latest ideas in physics, biology, chemistry, medicine, astronomy, and many other fields.

What is truly magical about Magic Universe is Calder’s incredible breadth. Migrating birds, light sensors in the human eye, black holes, antimatter, buckyballs and nanotubes—with exhilarating sweep, Calder can range from the strings of a piano to the superstrings of modern physics, from Pythagoras’s theory of musical pitch to the most recent ideas about atoms and gravity and a ten-dimensional universe—all in one essay. The great virtue of this wide-ranging style—besides its liveliness and…[more]

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