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Book:The Silent Strength of Stones

The Silent Strength of Stones

Nina Kiriki Hoffman

It is a season of many wonders, with many secrets ripe for discovering …and some best left in shadow, unexplored. Summer has come to Sauterelle Lake. And inquisitive young Nick is discovering many things he doesn’t want to know: About a pretty girl with hypnotic eyes who talks to his soul… About a wild creature—a wolf—whose features shine with an intelligent, un-lupine knowing… About a strange, inhospitable family occupying a cabin that is meant to be empty. This summer, nature’s magic is not the only sorcery traveling on the wind. And the real trick will be surviving until the autumn.

Book:The Thread That Binds the Bones

The Thread That Binds the Bones

Nina Kiriki Hoffman

When Laura Bolte, the rebellious daughter of an ancient family with dark intentions, and Tom Renfield, a drifter possessing secrets even he cannot fathom, fall under each other’s spell the result is a nightmare of unearthly challenges and dread obligations that threaten to engulf.

Book:Spirits That Walk in Shadow

Spirits That Walk in Shadow

Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Kim and Jaimie are freshman roommates, but their college experience is anything but typical. This is Jaimie’s first time in the “real world,” away from her large, complicated family and their magics and traditions. It’s Kim’s chance to escape her high school reputation. But Jaimie quickly realizes what Kim can’t see—it’s more than just a “reputation.” Kim is being pursued by something that feeds on her emotions. And, just like that, reality reshapes itself, as the two girls—along with Jaimie’s three cousins—try to capture and rout the viri, or soul demon, who is tracking Kim. This utterly original novel combines humor, darkness, and hope, and will spellbind readers.

Book:Catalyst: A Novel of Alien Contact

Catalyst: A Novel of Alien Contact

Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Running from a bully, Kaslin leaps into a cave. Sliding down a slippery slope, he enters a sensual world ruled by an alien intelligence, one so interesting that he almost forgets to be scared. He explores this underground world with taste and touch and sight and smell, an intelligent boy on the edge of sexuality…

Kaslin must bridge two worlds, that of the enigmatic subterranean aliens, and his own, which is mired in greed and politics. Taking great risks, and making necessary compromises, Kaslin will become someone he never quite imagined. Catalyst is a remarkable and unorthodox novel that will engage and satisfy intellectually curious science-fiction fans of all ages.

Book:A Fistful of Sky

A Fistful of Sky

Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Gypsum LaZelle had nearly given up. She’d already watched her two older siblings experience the transition—the sudden, debilitating process that turned them from ordinary children into mages, gifted spellcasters like their beautiful mother. Perhaps she was a late bloomer, she thought—until her younger siblings came into their powers as well. Now, at twenty, Gypsum fears that she must accept her fate: a mundane life without magic.

She can live with being ordinary, an outsider. After all, someone in the family had to take after her father…But one day, alone at home with her family away, Gypsum falls terribly ill. And when the symptoms pass, something has changed. Something she’s dreamed of for such a long time—and suddenly isn’t ready for at all.

Book:A Stir of Bones

A Stir of Bones

Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Fourteen-year-old Susan Backstrom seems to have a charmed life-she’s smart and beautiful, the only child of wealthy, attentive parents. But there are secrets inside her expensive house that Susan would never tell. One day, at the library, she overhears their housekeeper’s son talking with some friends about sneaking into a nearby abandoned house. Much to her own surprise, Susan very much wants to join them-and soon she’s part of the best secret of all. The house has a resident teenage ghost. More important than that, the house itself is a living, supernatural thing, able to serve as a magic conductor. With the help of five new friends-three humans, one ghost, and House, Susan has what she needs to transform her life, if she dares. A Stir of Bones is the stand-alone prequel to acclaimed fantasist Nina Hoffman’s award-winning adult novels A Red Heart of Memories and Past the Size of Dreaming. It is every bit as remarkable, warm, and heartwrenching.

Book:A Red Heart of Memories

A Red Heart of Memories

Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Matt (Matilda) Black possesses the unique ability to speak with inanimate objects and to witness the inner dreams of other people. She spends her days traveling from place to place alone, yet never lonely—for she can communicate with all that surrounds her. She finds a kindred spirit in Edmund Reynolds—a wandering witch on a spiritual quest to help those in need. Together, these two special people will embark on an odyssey of the imagination. They will encounter things both wonderful and terrifying. And after so many years of solitude, they will learn to depend on one another—as they look into the darkest depths of the past.

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