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Book:Mr. Fox and Other Feral Tales

Mr. Fox: and Other Feral Tales

Norman Partridge

Originally published in 1992, Mr. Fox and Other Feral Tales introduced a fresh voice to horror literature. Norman Partridge's first collection cemented Partridge's place as an exciting new talent in a generation of dark dreamers that included Poppy Z. Brite, Brian Hodge, and Bentley Little.

Book:The Man with the Barbed-Wire Fists

The Man with the Barbed-Wire Fists

Norman Partridge

A brand new collection from Norman Partridge! This volume gathers several previously uncollected stories together with some new works. The Man With the Barbed-Wire Fists contains 24 stories that span the length of Partridge’s writing career. It also feature an 8,500 word introduction, as well as a complete bibliography. This career retrospective collection is sure to appeal to both fans of Partridge’s novels (Saguaro Riptide, The Ten-Ounce Siesta, Slippin Into Darkness), as well as new readers, who may not familiar with his distinctive voice, and gripping style.

Book:Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams: A Horror Novel

Norman Partridge

A storm is coming to Cliffside, California, and with it comes a killer.

His name is Clay Saunders, and he walks in two worlds. Born with a caul, Saunders sees ghosts. But to him, the world of the dead is very much like the world of the living. It’s a realm of eternal pain—inescapable and relentless—that cuts as deeply as the razor edge of the hired killer’s K-bar knife.

Saunders has spilled blood on Florida sand, and the snow-covered Canadian prairie, and the black lava of Hawaii. His latest target is Diabolos Whistler, leader of a satanic cult. Exiled in Mexico, Whistler is alone when Saunders stabs him just above the first vertebrae…alone, except for the mummies stacked like so much cordwood in his library.

But the living who await the killer’s arrival in Cliffside are more frightening than the decayed corpses of the dead.…[more]

Book:Bad Intentions

Bad Intentions

Norman Partridge

Tales of supernatural horror, dark suspense, gruesome irony, and the just-plain fantastic…twisted characters with decidedly different yet all-too-believable viewpoints…places you may have visited but have never seen clearly until now…tough yet strangely poetic prose…in-your-face shocks and nitro-laced plot twists you won’t soon forget…two brand new stories, an unpublished original comic script, story notes, and an introduction by multi-talented author Joe R. Lansdale: it’s all here in Bad Intentions, the long-awaited first full-length short story collection by Bram Stoker Award-winner Norman Partridge, a writer Stephen King calls “a major new talent.”

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