Author: Owen Parry

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Book:Honor's Kingdom

Honor's Kingdom

Owen Parry

As casualty lists grimly mount in America’s Civil War, the death of a lowly man of the cloth in London attracts an unaccountable degree of attention. Confederate agents seek warships for their struggling navy at any cost. The Union’s representative to Britain—the son and grandson of U.S. presidents—maneuvers desperately to block them. And a federal officer with a limp and a Welsh lilt returns to the land he once left in hope of a better life.

In a stunning re-creation of 1860s London and Glasgow that reaches from the worst slums in Europe to the lobbies of Parliament, Owen Parry brings the past to ravishing life. Grotesque murders multiply as Major Abel Jones pursues a monstrous killer who may be a well-connected Confederate agent or a ghost from Jones’s bloody past in India—or both. England’s political leaders—including Benjamin Disraeli—appear to have a great deal to hide. Everyone seems determined to thwart Jones’s search for…[more]

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