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Owl Goingback

When the police of Hobbs County, Missouri find a mutilated man’s body on the side of the road, they figure a bear attacked him, except that bears aren’t indigenous to their area. The local Indian tribe offers another explanation: Crota, a great beast of legend, has reawakened. As the body count increases, a hand-picked group of hunters stalk the mythical creature through an underground labyrinth where they will discover a horror beyond all imagining…but all too real!

Book:Darker Than Night

Darker Than Night

Owl Goingback

Horror novelist Michael Anthony is going home. Taking his family from New York City to the small Missouri town where he grew up with his eccentric grandmother. But when they move into her old house, they find that something already resides there. In the walls, under the floors, in the darkest corners…something is trying to break through into this world. And when it does, Michael and his family will be lucky to escape with their lives…

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