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Book:A Killing Rain

A Killing Rain: A Louis Kincaid Mystery

P.J. Parrish

Deep in the sweltering Florida Everglades, a hunter stalks the ultimate prey…savoring his quarry’s terror…closing in for the kill…

For Detective Louis Kincaid, what should have been a routine case has taken a grisly turn, leading straight to the lair of a predator whose prized trophies are human relics.

Now, with time running out, Kincaid is on a desperate hunt of his own, tracking a twisted adversary more ruthless than he ever imagined…

Book:Thicker Than Water

Thicker Than Water

P.J. Parrish

Twenty years after the brutal rape and murder of a woman in Florida, the man convicted of the crime is released from prison—only days before another horrifying murder is committed. Detective Louis Kinkaid finds himself digging into a decades-old case when he’s asked to clear the suspect of the more recent slaying. Original.

Book:Paint It Black

Paint It Black

P.J. Parrish

Detective Louis Kincaid lands in the coastal community of Sereno Bay, Florida, which has been shaken by a grisly ritualistic murder. Though an arrest is quickly made, Kincaid feels unsettled. His uncertainty is confirmed when a second body is discovered, then a third—each branded with the bizarre trademarks of a serial killer. Now, Kincaid will do whatever it takes to stop the slaughter.

Book:Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter

P.J. Parrish

In the quaint town of Loon Lake, Michigan, a killer is taking his vengeance. One by one, the bodies are found, brutally executed with coded death cards beside each corpse—the signature of a psychopath. Detective Louis Kincaid had come north looking for refuge to forget the horrors of his past. But now he’s landed in the middle of an investigation that’s more than a mystery.

Book:A Thousand Bones

A Thousand Bones

P.J. Parrish

A woman cop. A haunting memory….

The only female detective in the Miami PD’s Homicide division, Joe Frye has memories that haunt her, and a past that not even her lover, detective Louis Kincaid, truly knows. It began when Joe was an ambitious rookie cop in a small Michigan town called Echo Bay….

The bones found in the woods were the first clue in a string of unimaginably brutal murders of young women. Plunged into a heated investigation—and caught between the dictates of a reluctant local sheriff and the state police—Joe soon uncovers the chilling truth: In the dead of winter in the Michigan woods, she must face down a predator who has chosen her as a worthy opponent—or become his next victim.

Book:An Unquiet Grave

An Unquiet Grave: A Louis Kincaid Mystery

P.J. Parrish

In a remote corner of the Michigan woods, behind rusted iron gates and crumbling walls, lies a notorious sanitarium and its forgotten cemetery. The ruin is empty now, and the bulldozers have come to raze it. But as they do, a secret emerges. The coffin of Claudia DeFoe, the youthful love of Louis’s foster father Phillip, is empty. When Louis tries to find the remains, he crosses paths with a reporter searching out rumors that a former patient, assumed dead, is alive and killing again. In Hidden Lake hospital, where the walls are stained with secrets and the air thick with the history of lingering screams, Louis is on his darkest journey yet—into the mind of a deranged killer and into the locked rooms of his own psyche.

Book:The Little Death

The Little Death

P.J. Parrish

When the headless corpse of a young man is discovered in glamorous Palm Beach, Louis sets his sights on his most likely suspect—a prominent female U.S. Senator with a history of scandal and a known penchant for sadistic and dangerous sex. Then a second headless body turns up and the trail runs cold, allowing the real killer to slip in dangerously close, intent on making Louis’s best friend the next victim.

Beautifully written yet packed with raw power, The Little Death is a suspenseful thriller of the highest order and will satisfy fans of writers such as Ed McBain, James Patterson, and Michael Connolly.

Book:South of Hell

South of Hell: A Louis Kincaid Mystery

P.J. Parrish

Dig up the past. Pay the price.

With one phone call from a man he barely recalls meeting years ago, South Florida detective Louis Kincaid heads to the Michigan town of his college days to reopen a disturbing cold case — and finds himself confronting his own painful past secrets…secrets that risk his future with the woman he loves, detective Joe Frye.

Ann Arbor police detective Jake Shockey wants Kincaid’s help in the case of Jean Brandt, who went missing nine years ago — and whose husband, Owen, has since been paroled. Now, Owen Brandt’s girlfriend appears to be at risk, and Shockey is desperate to get involved. Kincaid soon unearths the deeply personal reasons why…and with Joe Frye assisting, Kincaid links yesterday’s jealousies with today’s potentially lethal vengeance. It’s only a matter of time before one will win out over the other — and before Kincaid’s own shattering revelations will be forced out into the light of day.

Book:Island of Bones (P.J. Parrish)

Island of Bones

P.J. Parrish

In the wake of a hurricane, a tiny beached skull washes up in front of Detective Louis Kincaid’s cottage. Days later, the bullet-ridden body of woman surfaces on a nearby beach. She has no identification…except for a unique ring carved out of bone on her finger. Sensing a connection between the dead woman and the skull he’s found, Louis starts investigating. His search for the truth will lead him down a trail hidden secrets and lies to face utter evil on a lonely island where treachery never dies…and the living never escape.

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