Author: Parnell Hall

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Movie: A Stanley Hastings Mystery Novel

Parnell Hall

No, Stanley can’t quite quit his day job as an ambulance chasing private investigator, but he has managed to get a movie produced. Hot young producer/director Sidney Carfellow is filming Stanley’s script, neophyte superstar Jason Clairemont is rewriting all of Stanley’s best lines, the producer’s favorite starlets are running around in their birthday suits, and everything would be movie business as usual, if bodies didn’t start dropping on the set. Talk about film noir—is it murder, or just a bizarre series of accidents? Whichever, Stanley’s movie is in trouble. It was tough enough filming in New York City on a shoestring without policemen tripping all over the set. When the next attack happens right under their very noses, the cops are sure that someone connected to Hands of Havoc, Flesh of Fire is a killer. Bad luck for Stanley. When they started tinkering with his script, he figured it was the death of his career. Now, if he can’t figure out who the killer is, it just could really be the “The End,” “Fin,” “Fine,” of his life…

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