Author: Patrice Kindl

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Book:Owl in Love

Owl in Love

Patrice Kindl

I am in love with Mr. Lindstrom, my science teacher. I have found out where he lives and every night I perch on a tree branch outside his bedroom window and watch him sleep in his underwear: Fruit of the Loom size 34.

Like her ancestors, Owl Tycho is a shape-shifter—an apparently normal fourteen-year-old girl who can change into an owl at will. Unfortunately for Owl, Mr. Lindstrom is twenty-six years her senior, married, and living in a split-level in the suburbs. Still, Owl keeps watch nightly over Mr. Lindstrom—and as she does, she notices a strange owl and a wild, vicious boy lurking in the woods outside his home. Sinister shadows are gathering around her loved one. Does Owl have the wisdom and courage to protect him?

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