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Book:Lost Pages

Lost Pages

Paul Di Filippo

When Paul Di Filippo unleashes his imagination, watch out. The result is sometimes shocking, sometimes hilarious, always unpredictable. In Lost Pages, Di Filippo has deliberately selected as protagonists for his nine alternate world stories men and women who in our world became known for their work as writers—people of strong character who, whatever their situation, would have proved extraordinary.

He envisions “Frank” Kafka as the scourge of Gotham’s mean streets—by day, the mild-mannered advice columnist behind “Ask Josephine,” by night, “the Jackdaw,” a superhero who terrifies evildoers. Anne Frank, having escaped by a matter of days the German invasion of Holland, becomes the Hollywood stand-in for Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz and later the drug-addled ex-wife of Michey Rooney. Little Prince author Antoine de St.-Exupery—”Tonio de Saint-Ex” to his many admirers—is…[more]

Book:Fractal Paisleys

Fractal Paisleys

Paul Di Filippo

Ten funky science fiction stories by the widely acclaimed author of Steampunk and Ribofunk. Irreverent, funny and sexy—samples of what Di Filippo calls “trailer park science fiction”—Fractal Paisleys explains the real reason for the disappearance of the dinosaurs, how John Lennon found inspiration, how the L’il Bear Bar in Providence, R.I., ended up with a talking moose head on its wall, why Republicans ruled the U.S. for an unbroken twelve years and many more secrets of life. The stories are united by Di Filippo’s fascination with the infinite variety of alternate worlds: “what-if” scenarios that place an ordinary Joe or Jane in command of the forces that power the universe. Invariably, the results are…unexpected, to say the least.

Fractal Paisleys includes two never-before-published tales: the other stories were published in such science fiction standbys as Amazing Stories, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Interzone.

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