Author: Paul Shipton

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Book:Science With Weather

Science With Weather

Rebecca Heddle, Paul Shipton

Basic scientific principles are explained with the aid of fun experiments and activities. All experiments use everyday household equipment. Simple text and illustrations enable children to use the books by themselves

Book:Bug Muldoon: The Garden of Fear

Bug Muldoon: The Garden of Fear

Paul Shipton, Elwood H. Smith

The name’s Muldoon—Bug Muldoon. And he’s the best private investigator in the whole Garden, not to mention the cheapest. Things are pretty slow for Bug, until a few earwigs come strolling into his office. At first Bug thinks it’s your everyday, missing-earwig case, but the facts aren’t adding up and the ants are acting strangely. It’s up to Bug to set things straight-before he gets himself squished.

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