Author: Peni R. Griffin

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Book:The Ghost Sitter

The Ghost Sitter

Peni R. Griffin

Charlotte is looking forward to spending the summer in her new home-she has her own bedroom, a nearby pool, a friendly neighbor, and there’s a big block party coming up. Then her little brother suddenly starts asking for his new friend, “Susie.” Is someone else playing with him? Someone only he can see? Soon Charlotte realizes that her all-too-normal house is haunted-by the ghost of a girl who doesn’t realize that she’s dead…

Book:Switching Well

Switching Well

Peni R. Griffin

They each wanted to live in a different century—and their wishes have come true. Now what do they do?

The two of them live in the same town—Amber in 1991, and Ada in 1891—and they both have rel problems, Amber’s parents are getting divorced, and she seems to be the last to know. Ada’s father doesn’t think women have minds of their own. So the two troubled girls hit on the same solution: They each go the the Haunted Well and make an impulsive wish. Suddenly, Amber finds herself in 1891, and Ada in 1991. They would do anything to return home—but it may be impossible to cross time again.



Peni R. Griffin

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