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Bloodhounds: A Peter Diamond Mystery

Peter Lovesey

Head of the Bath murder squad, Peter Diamond isn’t exactly up to his elbows in bodies in the placid resort. He’s bored, a bit testy, and ready for an old-fashioned mystery. Alas, when one does come along it’s not in his division; it’s a half-million-dollar heist by a thief who first has sent a rhyming riddle to all the local radio stations. Diamond is ready to throw his weight around to help solve the robbery, but before he can step on any toes, a body turns up and the corpse is in his court.

There’s only one catch. It’s impossible for anyone to have committed the crime. The victim belongs to an elite group of mystery lovers called the Bloodhounds. The body is inside a padlocked houseboat, and the only key is in the pocket of a man with an ironclad alibi. The murderer cannot logically have left the scene, yet the victim is definitely not a suicide. Has one of the other Bloodhounds decided to commit the perfect crime? Was the heist and its verse a red herring, part of a labyrinthine plot by a twisted mind?

Book:The House Sitter

The House Sitter

Peter Lovesey

When a woman is found strangled to death on a popular beach in Sussex, the police have a hard time identifying her. It takes twelve days to discover she was a top psychological profiler for the National Crime Faculty. Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond is called in because the victim lived in Bath. He must coordinate his efforts with those of Henrietta Mallin, the original senior investigating officer, as well as try to cooperate with the cocky young officer charged with investigating the bizarre murder that the victim had been working on.

Oddly, the National Crime Faculty tries to thwart his efforts.

Book:The Summons

The Summons

Peter Lovesey

It is past midnight when two callers come knocking at the London flat of down-and-out, long-out-of-work Peter Diamond. When they turn out to be two CID men from his former police division of Avon and Somerset, he’s baffled. When they order him to accompany them, he’s mad as hell at being rousted from his warm bed - and intrigued. When it turns out his old department has an emergency only he can handle, he can barely stop himself from saying “I told you so.” John Mountjoy, a woman-hating murderer Diamond arrested four years earlier has broken out of prison and taken a CID officer’s daughter hostage. His demand is to talk to Peter Diamond. His reason? He wants Diamond to clear his name, insisting he never brutally stabbed a beautiful reporter to death and filled her mouth with roses as a macabre touch. But he will kill the hostage, unless Diamond gets the proof to overturn his conviction. Does this mean Diamond will be an official CID man again? With even his old enemies in the precinct welcoming his assistance,…[more]

Book:The Last Detective

The Last Detective

Peter Lovesey

A nude female corpse has been found floating in a large reservoir just south of Bristol. Peter Diamond must solve the mystery of the “Lady in the Lake,” locate two missing letters attributed to Jane Austen, and save a woman unjustly accused of murder.

Book:The False Inspector Dew

The False Inspector Dew

Peter Lovesey

The year is 1921. A passionate affair between a romantic woman and her dentist has led to his wife’s murder. The lovers take flight aboard the Mauretania and the dentist takes the name of Inspector Dew, the detective who arrested the notorious Dr. Crippen. But, in a disquieting twist, when a murder occurs aboard ship the captain invites “Inspector Dew” to nvestigate. This may be Lovesey’s most ingeniously plotted mystery for which he was awarded the CWA Gold Dagger.

Book:Waxwork (Peter Lovesey)


Peter Lovesey

Book:Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust: A Peter Diamond Mystery

Peter Lovesey

A detective learns to suppress his feelings when a verdict is announced. Peter Diamond, the head of Bath’s murder team, reveals no joy when the gang leader Jake Carpenter is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. But the next day, when a woman is shot dead in Royal Victoria Park, Diamond’s self-control dissolves in an instant.

The dead woman is Stephanie, his own wife.

Traumatised, grief-stricken and angry for justice, Diamond is told that the case he is desperate to solve is the one he won’t be allowed to work on. Not only that. As the victim’s spouse, he must face the ignominy of being treated as a suspect.” While the police put their efforts into checking him out, Diamond starts his own unauthorised investigation. Might someone be getting back at him? Starting with Jake Carpenter, he begins examining recent cases to see who might have exacted this cruel revenge. Soon he is sifting the dust of his entire career.

Book:The Reaper

The Reaper

Peter Lovesey

Otis Joy is the popular and handsome young rector of St. Bartholomew’s Church in Foxford, Wiltshire, England. Soon after a pastoral visit to him by the bishop, the bishop’s body is found lying at the bottom of a quarry. In the bishop’s car are a suicide note, a copy of a racy men’s magazine and a Bible with an underlined text reading: “hath devoured thy living with harlots.” His last telephone call, the police discover, was to a Madame Swish.

Did the bishop take his own life? His death is strangely opportune. The bishop had accused Joy of embezzling church funds.

One sudden death seems to bring on another, and another, in rural Foxford. Then Otis Joy finds his soul mate.

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