Author: Peter Maass

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Book:Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor: A Story of War

Peter Maass

From the center of the nightmare in Bosnia, a war correspondent’s flaming montage of images—eerie, grotesque, ironic, angry, absurd. A Serb and a Muslim, friends before the war, exchanging gossip via shortwave radio only hours before they will try to kill each other. A Sarajevo couple passionately refusing to go anywhere together for fear a mortar shell might orphan their children. A battlefield doctor performing miracles of surgery without anesthetics.

In episode after episode, Peter Maass takes us with him into the minefields of modern war: a whole country is the battleground, every living being in it a combatent. His fierce, vivid, truth-telling and deeply personal book makes us see the devil under the skin—and the thinness of the line between civilization and chaos.

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