Author: Petra Mathers

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Book:Pierre In Love

Pierre In Love

Sara Pennypacker, Petra Mathers

Poor Pierre wishes he could tell Catherine how he feels about her, but Catherine is a graceful ballet teacher, and Pierre is merely a poor fisherman.

By making a few silly mistakes and a few more brave decisions, Pierre soon learns that being a fisherman may not make him so hard to love after all.

Pennypacker weaves a sweet story about finding the courage to let someone special into your heart, while Mathers’ luscious illustrations draw readers into a colorful world full of hope and bravery.

Book:Sophie and Lou

Sophie and Lou

Petra Mathers

Sophie is so shy, she goes to the supermarket when it’s empty. She would give anything to learn how to dance, but she doesn’t dare sign up for lessons. So, she borrows a how-to book from the Book-Mobile. Soon she has learned all the right steps. And then magically…a dance partner appears at her front door.

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